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Throughout our years of experience we have been using many different types of waxes, we have decided to use Harley Lavender hot wax for our clients as it is suitable for most skin types as wall as sensitive skin. Before waxing a small amount of pre wax oil is applied onto the skin which creates a protective layer between the skin and wax, a cold compress is applied immediately after the hair removal to minimise the discomfort.

Hot wax is used for intimate areas and under arms.

Warm wax (strip wax) is used for arms, legs and facial waxing- eyebrows, chin, upper lip.


Eyebrow Wax Tidy
Eyebrow Wax Reshape
Upper Lip Wax
Chin Wax

Under arms wax
Full Arms
Half Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs
Bikini line



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