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Are you experiencing hair breakage or perhaps your hair just won’t grow – you need to get some OLAPLEX in your life!

What is Olaplex?
OLAPLEX reconnects broken disulfide sulphur bonds, which happens during thermal, mechanical and chemical hair services. Put simply, when you lighten, bleach your hair, use a flat iron or hairdryer or any hot styling tool you are breaking the disulfide sulphur bonds in your hair. This will make your hair more fragile. 
OLAPLEX strengthens your hair, makes it feel healthier and even prolongs your hair colour. OLAPLEX allows our hair stylist to lighten even already lightened hair without compromising the condition of your hair. 
Even better, the more you use OLAPLEX, the healthier your hair will become.

How do you use OLAPLEX?

OLAPLEX can be added during the hair colouring process for instant protection.  We highly recommend this if you are lightening your hair.  It can also be used as a stand-alone hair treatment for hair that is already compromised. OLAPLEX is free of silicone, sulphates, DEA phthalates aldehydes, is gluten-free and not tested on animals!

The results are amazing, transforming dry and brittle hair into hair that is healthier and stronger, and can be added to the hair colouring process or as a stand-alone treatment. If you’re interested in healthier hair, simply book in for a free consultation so we can assess your hair

Olaplex Stand alone (30 minutes) £18
Olaplex in any colour(15 minutes) £8


If your hair is in need of nurture, this luxurious creamy mask for damaged hair helps repair and protect against breakage.
The treatment contains intensely conditioning ingredients and amino acids. You can add this treatment to your blow dry service, or after any colouring.



PRICE: £12.50

Rinse off treatment that penetrates down to the cortex, refilling it with amino acids. Exclusively at our salon.





The mask is with almond and apricot extract. The Warming Express Mask with almond and apricot extract is a self-warming hydrating hair mask that brings shine and softness to dry or stressed hair. 



To book your free consultation, or if you would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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