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Blond Wavy Hair


Balayage It's a French word that means to “sweep”, it is a freehand technique that allows the stylist to create a multi-toned, more dimensional yet natural look to the hair.

Balayage highlights are painted throughout the hair to create tailored, bespoke colour. The root area is soft and there is more colour focused towards the ends. That means less maintenance for the client.

Why is Balayage such a trend?

Why wouldn’t it be? Balayage creates some of the dreamiest hair looks out there, and it boasts legions of A-list fans, from Jessica Alba to Lily Aldridge. It’s the kind of hair trend that flatters everyone, no matter their base colour or hair length, with even Anne Hathaway in her pixie crop days working a scattering of lightened sections. 

And if you’re wondering whether it’s too late to jump on the balayage bandwagon, rest assured: this look has been around for years now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, painterly processes appear to be getting more and more popular, proving this is one trend that’s set to stand the test of time. 

Who does Balayage suit?

Anyone and everyone. Because balayage can be tailored to flatter the base hair colour, the warmest of blondes, the darkest of brunettes and the most radiant of redheads suit the trend. It’s perfect for anyone who craves lower-maintenance colour and softer regrowth, as highlights tend to start inches down from the root, meaning they’re meant to look grown-out.

Rather than wondering whether balayage is going to suit a certain eye colour or skin tone, the bigger question is whether hair is in good enough condition for the lift required. Balayage almost always involves a pre-lightening product, so remind clients to take good care of mid-lengths and ends in the run-up to their colour appointment. An Olaplex treatment , is a must in everyone’s routine, as it pampers hair back to its nourished best, repairs the damaged hair which is resulting in the perfect base for balayage. 

What is Foilyage?

The buzz around foilyage is gaining traction, but what does it actually mean? The answer’s simple: foilyage is the name for balayage that’s processed using foils. You still paint highlights freehand and get creative with your placement, but the strands are wrapped in foils to ensure plenty of lift from the pre-lightener. 

How are Balayage highlights applied?

The balayage colour is hand painted into your hair, being applied finely close to the root, and developing into a bolder highlight towards the ends of the hair. Our skilled colourists can focus on the areas where the sun would typically lift your hair colour if you’ve been on holiday, resulting in natural sun-kissed look. A toner will be added to your hair to achieve the perfect shade you want.

Can Balayage be created on all hair colours?

Yes! Balayage can be created on all shades of blonde, brunette, red or even grey hair. Blonde balayage is a very popular look which can be created in a range of colours from on-trend buttery blonde to silver-platinum, but we can create fabulous effects with just about any colour. For example, balayage is a great way to try out the trend for pastel hair colours.

How do I maintain my Balayage colour?

The good news is that balayage is a great low-maintenance hair colour as your root regrowth will be less noticeable than with traditional foils. You can expect to see your colourist around every 12-14 weeks to maintain your balayage highlights. We’d also recommend a 6-weekly colour glossing touch-up to freshen up your hair between appointments.

Will Balayage damage my hair?

Balayage will not dry out your hair any more than other colouring techniques. Our highly trained team understand exactly how your hair will respond to the colouring process and how to apply the colour to achieve the look you want. We can also protect the strength and condition of your hair during the process by using Olaplex hair treatement. Ask your colour technician for more information.


Short Hair: £80
Medium Hair: £86

Long Hair: £90

Extra Long Hair:95


Toners are the finishing tone to a pre-lightened area. They can add and reduce
warmth or coolness, brighten, deepen and add shine.


Toner/ Glaze - £30

Please note:

Finishing cut and blow dry is charged additionally
* Additional £10 can be also charged for extra-long or thick hair for any colouring.
*All clients having any chemical treatment need to have a skin test done at least 48 hours prior to their appointment.
* It is important that you book a free consultation so our stylist can see your hair to determine the best way forward for your treatment plan and give you a proper quote.

To book your free consultation, or if you would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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