Since it’s introduction in 1996, St.Tropez has become the UK’s market leading self tan brand.


It doesn’t turn orange. The special formulation ensures a golden brown colour!
It doesn’t streak! St.Tropez tans to one strength. If your body is covered in product, your tan will be even.
You can have the desired colour! St.Tropez can be custom blended to make sure your hands,

feet and face are not too dark. A natural colour!

The results give the most natural looking tan possible from a bottle.
The only tan safe for pregnant women.


This specially formulated UV Free treatment features a tan using a spray application in only 15 minutes.

Perfect for a busy schedule or a lunch hour treat. The tan is applied via a special spray tanning system.

I will spray a fine mist of Bronzing solution over your body resulting in an even, streakless, natural fan.


To get the best from your tan exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly prior the St.Tropez treatment.

This will give a smoother surface for me to apply the tan.

A much better result will be achieved and the tan will last longer.

Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, make up, oil based products or perfume before spray tan.

Waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours prior tanning.

Always have a trial run 4-6 weeks before any important occasion, in the rare case of allergies or unexpected results.

Please bring a loose and dark coloured clothes to dress in to after the spray tan, including dark underwear,

and open shoe e.g. flip-flops.


You can shower between 6-8 hours after your treatment.

For Express mist it will develop after 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours for a dark tan.

Once you wash off the express tan it will continue to develop for up to 8 hours to your chosen colour.

To maximize how long your tan will last gently exfoliate, every 2-3 days as the tan starts to fade

and use a moisturiser, as it will help to prolong the life of the tan.

A salon applied spray tan will last 7-10 days on the skin.

However, this does depend on the client’s skin type, home skin care routine and lifestyle.

Patch test is required minimum 24 hours before tanning session.

On request, a little sample and instruction for a patch test could be sent via post.



Classic Spray Tan Full body for £22 / Half body for £17

Darker Spray Tan Full Body for £25 / Half body for £19

Express Spray Tan Full Body for £25 / Half body for £19

Every client will receive a loyalty card, where every fifth spray tan will be free of charge.

"The best beautician you could ever wish for.
Very professional, talented and also very friendly.
I can tell she’s doing a job she loves and that it’s her passion."

Kinga M.

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Qualified beauty therapist, Semi permanent make up specialist, Phirows Royal artist, Nail technician, provides microblading, eyelash extensions, lash lift, facials, St.Tropez spray tan, nail care and much more...